Celebration. Commemoration. Remembering

Come one, come all!

“Come One, Come All: Community Events
That Bring Us Together”

February 24 & 25 2023

Is there an event that defined you, your family, or your community? Was there a gathering that you attended that was pivotal in your life? Is there a gathering that keeps traditions alive? Was the gathering a positive experience, or no? If the event happened or started at least 20 years ago, we want to hear about it (we use 20 years to have some historical perspective). In “Come One, Come All” we want to hear about it! 

Historians, researchers, writers, and storytellers: Each year the Congress of History presents a history conference on topics that reflect our region. We’ve done conferences on big themes (like the impact of world wars on the region). This year we seek talks about events that have importance to you. You don’t have to be a professional speaker, writer, or historian. Great presentations come from those who care! 

Just send an email to Louise Torio, Conference Chair, at historicsandiego@aol.com with your idea for a talk. Questions? Contact Louise via email, or text or call her at 619-233-8833

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