Thank you 2021 Conference

Thank you to everyone who made the 2021 virtual “Remarkable Women” Conference a success! For those who missed the conference, our speakers have graciously allowed us to share their recorded talks for one month for those who paid but could not attend. If you want the link and code to the downloads, please send us an email to

Thank you to our wonderful, insightful speakers without whom the conference would not have been possible. Several speakers have books for sale. See the slides below on how to purchase those books.

Susan Diamond – Dr. Charlotte Baker
Anne Hoiberg – Lydia Knapp Horton
Beth Brust – Friday – Belle Benchley
Jody Abssy – Ruth Hayward & Manuelita Brown
Russ Low – Sue Leong
Adrienne Berlin – Casa de Paz

Alexander D. Bevil – Mrs. Winifred Davidson
Susan Hunter Bugbee – Mary Ward
Steve Lech – Susie Keef Smith
Jonnie Wilson – Florence Chadwick
Maria E. Garcia – Mary and Helen Marston
Evelyn Barandiaran – Mary Moniz
Christine Stokes – Sybil Stockdale

Thank you to our sponsors. Sunbelt Publications is generously giving friends of the Congress of History at 20% discount on Sunbelt Publications through the end of March 2021. See the slide below to use the code to get the discount, or you can “shop the warehouse” in El Cajon to see all amazing books available to you at reduced price.

Graphic of Sunbelt publications.

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