“Defining Moments”

Conference Showcases Unique Historic Happenings that Shaped Our Region

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The Congress of History 54th Annual Conference will be March 29 and 30, 2019. Once again, we think we’ve succeeded in gathering the best speakers of a wide range of historical “defining moments” that changed the course of our region. With 2 50 years of history to consider, we are delighted at the outpouring of interest from historians, authors, and dedicated history buffs who will bring to life important events. Some of these events were understood to be momentous at the time they happened. Some events, like the gentle rustling of a butterfly’s wings, were small stirring that resulted in big changes. Never have you seen a conference like this one!

 Past conferences have tackled many topics. While acknowledging certain major historical events that shaped our history, we will not be covering ground covered at previous conferences. Instead, “Defining Moments” will bring you speakers who will explore new perspectives on some major moments from new and interesting angles. What we love about history is how historians and researchers can find a clue and follow a lead that will bring to light a fresh interpretation and give us a new way of thinking about the past.  

Divided into a Founding Era, Middle Era, and Modern Era, we’ll cover 250 years of “moments that have changed everything What would have happened had the Spanish packet boat San Antonio not needed an anchor? Who could have imagined that a romantic novel would do more to highlight the plight of local Native Americans than a scholarly work? What movers and shakers of the region almost didn’t choose to be here? What former secrets of the military changed the path of the Navy? What cultural happenings had big impacts on our region? Ah, you’ll have to attend the conference to find out! 

We will again be in Portuguese Hall in Point Loma, thanks to the support of our conference co-sponsors, the Portuguese Historical Center. The conference dates are Friday, March 29, and Saturday, March 30. The conference registration form is available now for you to use. Don’t delay in sending it in. Consider bringing a friend. You will not want to miss these speakers, nor the exciting vendors and booksellers. Come for the speakers, stay for the networking, and let us enjoy the company of others like us who love a good (historical) story!

 The Congress of History thanks you for your support of our 54th conference. Details of speakers and titles of talks will be confirmed and posted soon.

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