From Helen Ofield (LGHS)


Dear All and those Stalwarts for whom we lack email addresses,

Just when we thought the COH couldn’t go over the moon again, it trots out another blockbuster.

What a conference. #52 was another model of organization, inspiration, pertinence and engagement in all the things that make life worth living.

The connections between the fine speakers’ diverse talks brought together the portrait of San Diego’s underpinnings and modern persona stretching back to the WW I period.

Alex’s outstanding research, encouragement and helpful course corrections made the prep work — which, in my own case, veered off course into all-mustard-gas-all-the-time, but was hauled back in by that tragic 18-year-old soldier and Alex’s directive to tell his story — a journey of discovery and revelation for all involved.

Ray’s courtliness, expertise and kindness reflect the essence of the organization. HH’s seemingly endless fund of local connections (the timbers in her house, watching TV in the house the Tookers rented) added to the fun. Dianne’s gentle go-do-your-thing so welcome. Jonnie’s enthusiasm for what makes it all tick, so spot-on. Bea Brunner, the indefatigable Poppy Lady, keeps alive one of the great symbols of WW I. The master stroke of the poetry and the music (see above for what makes life worth living) was great. The setting in the Veterans’ Museum, with its gracious soldier-hosts who have seen it all and then some, was perfect.

Proud to be in your company, dear Traveling Companions. Congratulations on a job well done.

Helen M. Ofield, President
Lemon Grove Historical Society
P.O. Box 624, 3185 Olive Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91946

Office: +1(619)462-6494
Parsonage Museum: +1(619)460-4353

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