The Conference is Here!

As a major event in the celebration of Balboa Park’s 1915 Exposition Centennial, our two-day History Conference, to be held Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7, 2015 in the Recital Hall (next to the Puppet Theater), Balboa Park, will celebrate the history of Balboa Park from 1915 and beyond.

“The history of this great park is fascinating,” says Dianne P. Cowen, conference chair and Congress of History president. “We welcome all our members and the community at large, to attend! “Invite your friends to join you at this annual history event. All are welcome, and membership in the Congress of History is not required to attend,” she concludes.

CONFERENCE TOPICS – Each speaker will give their 20-minute, illustrated presentation, followed by a five minute question- and-answer period, and a five minute transition to the next speaker.

The conference will begin with “Balboa Park: A Living Legend” a 27-minute film from New Pacific Productions (Jack & Helen Ofield).

Presentation topics may include: “Balboa Park’s 1915 Botanical Building: A Showcase for Botanical Commerce,” “Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Depot,” “Taking the Streetcar to the Fair,” “The Isthmus,” “The 1915 Pt. Loma Auto Road Race,” “Morley Field,” “100 Years of Japanese Organizations in Balboa Park,” “Lest We Forget: The San Diego Veterans War Memorial Building in Balboa Park,” “The Committee of 100,” “The 1915 Expositions: A Tale of Two Cities,” “Balboa Park Landscape and the 1915 ‘Garden Fair,’ ” “Exposition Mishaps,” “Indians on Display: Native American Presence at the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park and in 2015,” and “The Kumeyaay in Present Day Balboa Park.”

These were the topics at press-time; additional topics may be added later. (Note: No speaker is guaranteed to attend, as they are all volunteers. A more-complete list of speakers and their topics will appear in the February edition of Adelante.)

SPONSORS – In addition to the Congress of History as the basic conference sponsor, we also have these co-sponsors for this important conference:
The Committee of One Hundred
San Diego History Center
Horseless Carriage Club of America – San Diego Region
Friends of the Villa Montezuma
New Pacific Productions (Jack and Helen Ofield)
Ocean Beach Historical Society
Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO)

CONFERENCE CHAIR – Chair of the two-day event is Dianne P. Cowen, Congress of History president, who has made the arrangements for the venue, the speakers, and the exhibitors. She is assisted by the CoH Conference Planning Committee.

LOCATION – Recital Hall, in Balboa Park (next to Puppet Theater). FREE, off-street parking available.

TIMES –– Friday & Saturday – 9:30 a.m. Registration is planned to open at 9:30 a.m. both days.

COST/REGISTRATION –– $35 basic entry donation covers both days.
Seniors (65+) $25, and Students (12+) $15 (with student ID). (It’s the same entry donation for one day or both)

Walk-ins will be welcome, as space permits, for these same suggested donations, IF there is room.

We strongly recommend that you pre-register for this very popular conference.

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